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Central district of seattle

Building Vision and Committed Action for Inclusive Economic Development

"A remarkable weekend of community, heart, meaning and stories. May all voices be heard! We find ourselves as one people on purpose!"

- Kate Thompson, participant

Art and Culture can be the foundation of inclusive economy. Performance is the ancient way to pour energy into system change. Partnering with the Historic Central Area Arts and Cultural District of Seattle, on June 2 & 3, 2018, a diverse group gathered at the Central District, a historic African American community and the heart of art and culture in Seattle. In this rapidly gentrifying community, Story Bridge created a level ground and sacred space to honor the past, the loss, the struggle, and the triumph of the community.


The dynamic Story Bridge day was followed by a second day of collective visioning and action planning for heart-centered community development. This event catalyzed orchestrated community effort to bring inclusive economy to Central District and beyond.


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Historic Central Area Arts & Cultural District

City of Seattle

Association of Beloved Communities


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