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like water

Building Shared Vision of Water and Synergy for Action

“In the cascade of stories we release our stagnant places. And we educate ourselves about water, sustainability, and resilience. “  This immersive and expansive community workshop took place in Ashland, Oregon in December 2016.


Ashland is hailed by many as the "Silicon Valley of Social Innovation." In this two-day Story Bridge workshop, artists, social activists, community leaders and citizens who care about the issue of water gathered together to share meaningful stories of their lives with each other and form them into a theatrical experience. Through this collaborative telling, participants were able to release the stagnant places within, renew and strengthen relationships, and unearth a fountain of synergy to guide towards local water education and resilience.

On the first day participants shaped life stories into a collaborative theatrical experience, created a shared vision of water as molecule and metaphor. On the following day, participants engaged in open space dialogue and community learning, planted seeds of innovation, and formed synergy to bring the shared vision forward.

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