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Story Bridge Comes to Maui

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

After months of planning and design, Rebecca Rhapsody Narrowe, a certified Story Bridge facilitator, and her partner Loxley Clovis, founders of The Story Connective, brought to life in Maui the first event that used the Story Bridge method.

"There is something really special about stories that come from our own geography - from the people with whom we share a culture of place. How amazing would it be if every town & city had a practice of gathering to share stories?!" said Rhaposdy and Loxley. Recently, they guided a group of people through a Talk Story Exchange in Wailuku, Maui. Participants were given a prompt:

"Talk about a time when something radically changed in your home, yourself, or your community."

Each person shared a story from their own individual lives & deeply listened to other participants' stories. Afterwards, a podcast was created by The Story Connective with a selection of true stories they heard that night from members of the local community. Click here to listen to these amazing stories of change.

Rhapsody and Loxley give special thanks to Maui Academy of Performing Arts & Mālamalama Maui for hosting & sponsoring this Talk Story Exchange gathering in Wailuku, Maui, and special thanks to the Story Bridge community for the support.

We are very grateful for the inspiring work from Rhapsody and Loxley. We also learned from Loxley that "Talk Story" is actually a common expression for "conversing" in Hawaiʻi. So beautiful!

The Story Connective is a beloved partner of Story Bridge. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to documenting and sharing stories of possibility and resilience in order to inspire positive transformation.  To receive The Story Connective's monthly podcast subscribe to their podcast free of charge.


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