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The Pattern of Magic

We live in an increasingly thriving jungle of multi-culture. The world is no longer dominated by a few "Big Stories". Every "little" story of each "little" person has increasing power to upset, or reset, the "Big Stories."

"Big Stories" have value too, especially when they reflect the collective truth of the group. Such Big Stories help us experience meaning in the little stories of our individual lives.

How do we find these Big Stories, not defined by media or politicians, but by PEOPLE?

In a Story Bridge workshop, diverse participants co-create a new social experience using a pair of ancient culture-building tools. Humans are hardwired to be affected by these tools, call them the Story Meme, and the Performance Meme.

As participants exchange stories, they feel heard, seen, and loved. As they love, they make room for each other's differences without having to agree with those differences. That’s the power of the Story Meme.

In the Performance Meme which follows, workshop participants weave their diverse stories into a play which ends in unity. Collaborating intensely, diverse people create unity. And that's the power of the Performance Meme.

At the end of the day, love is the norm binding the little society of the workshop. And the performance is a new kind of Big Story. It is an open, evolving multi-story in which all the little stories belong and co-thrive.

What use is this magic? The little society of the Story Bridge workshop is a living pattern energized to replicate itself as resilient organizations, corporations, and communities.



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