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We engage the research-based and high performing Story Bridge method to empower social transformation and regenerate communities from within. Facilitated by our team of esteemed artists and scholars, Story Bridge elevates personal stories into awe-inspiring artistic experience, in the process  engaging deep dialogue, enabling authentic relationship building, catalyzing collective transformation, and build Beloved Community. 

Play-in-a-Day Workshop

 The "Play-in-a-Day" workshop is a powerful way to bring diverse people together and build a committed group to jump start change campaigns. Organizations and communities use Play-in-a-Day to address focused issues such as affordable housing, racial reconciliation, etc. Evaluation data shows Story Bridge workshops are highly effective in  enabling deep bonding, open collaboration and real action. 

Community Performance

True personal stories are transformed into life-changing theater.  It builds community capacity from within and across boundaries. Research has shown remarkable impact of Story Bridge community performances. The evaluation data of a 2016 program in Beijing, China shows as much as a 20% increase in individual ability for conflict resolution, 30% increase in self-confidence, and 41% increase in community engagement. Click the link below to learn more about the method and projects


Youth Program

 An evidence-based, youth-driven intergenerational Story Bridge curriculum informed by decades of experience and rooted in research. In an intergenerational environment, students learn critical social-emotional  skills and methods to cultivate a healthy relationship with oneself and others. The pilot program was funded by U.S. Department of Justice. Click the button below to learn more.

The first Story Bridge play that has transformed Colquitt, GA from a dying rural community to one of the most extraordinary small towns of America.

The Intergenerativity Project


Partnering with the award-winning Intergenerational School in Cleveland, OH, the project convened a global conversation around education and health.

Swamp Gravy

Cross Currents

Harmony in the Hills

An intergenerational youth program funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. Youth, adults, and elders of Clay County, KY engaged in powerful peace and community building. Evaluation found remarkable improvement on the social emotional well-being of the youth.

Lopez Community Land Trust

Invited by the award-winning Lopez Community Land Trust, the "Play-in-a-Day" workshop brought diverse groups together to chart pathways for affordable housing and sustainable agriculture.

Central District Seattle

In this rapidly gentrifying community, the "Play-in-a-Day" workshop created a level ground and sacred space to honor the community. The dynamic Story Bridge day was followed by a second day of collective visioning and action planning for inclusive community development. 

For over a decade, community leaders, artists, nonprofit and government administrators, students and faculty come from around the world to attend this annual conference and learn the Story Bridge method.

Building Creative Communities


 This play in Abbeville, LA, brought together people across different ages, cultures, races and more. In the process they discovered their oneness as a community, and interdependence with nature.

Songs of

Tang Hulu

Partnering up with Vibrant Communities, the largest NGO serving migrants in China, we bring empowering community performance to Beijing.

Cross Currents

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