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How to collect your community's stories

Collecting stories in your community is a powerful way of community building. This set of guidelines provide essential elements on how to collect community stories, including key premises, how to host story circles and one-on-one interviews, sample story prompts and interview questions, event examples, and more. It will help you get started on your community story gathering effort.


How to integrate Story Bridge in my practice

The Story Bridge method can be integrated in many disciplines to further empower the practice. Here is one example. Kathi Bailey is the City Director of Senior Service in Yarmotuth, MA and a member of Story Bridge Co-Lab. At the recent One Billion Rising Against Abuse of Woman event, Kathi applied Story Bridge to facilitate conversation and understanding in a powerful way. Please watch the video (the Story Bridge exercise starts at 10:00 of the video).


Play-in-a-Day: perspective of a participant

How does the Story Bridge "Play-in-a-Day" workshop feels like from the participant's perspective? In this blog post, Dr. Sally Fox explains in details and depth about her experience in the "Play-in-a-Day" in Seattle, WA, with a focus on how this process that brings together people of diverse racial, cultural, religious backgrounds for deep listening and collaboration. 


Play-in-a-Day: perspective of a client/partner

This is a report on the Story Bridge project in Lopez Island, WA, prepared by Lopez Community Land Trust, our client and field partner. The report illustrates the process of this two-day event that explores the issues of affordable housing and sustainable agriculture while building community trust and cohesion around these challenging topics. Read the report for the client's view.

harmony-in-the-hills page3 chart

Evaluation results of a Story Bridge intergenerational youth program

Evaluation results presented in a clear and interactive way. "Harmony in the Hills" is a successful Story Bridge intergenerational youth program funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. This infographic presents the evaluation results on the impact of the program in terms of youth development. Both quantitative and qualitative data are presented.

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Highlights of research and science about Story Bridge

You don't have to read multiple dissertations to know the research and science about Story Bridge. This succinct presentation summaries and highlights key findings, theories, and applications of the major research has been conducted on Story Bridge.

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