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story bridge certificate training

A Letter from Dr. Richard Geer

Dear Friends,

In the last year, everything has changed!

Connecting deeply with self, other, and co-creating generative social space has long been a quest for you and me. But now, it’s becoming a quest for communities, organizations, and even governments. Story Bridge is being recognized everywhere as a vital tool, “without a doubt, the most efficient approach I’ve experienced to creating a deep sense of community quickly,” says Peggy Holman, award-winning author of The Change Handbook and Engaging Emergence

With my beloved collaborators, I am excited to introduce the Story Bridge Certificate Training in Colquitt, GA, the home of the first Story Bridge play. The training will take place on Jan. 29 - Feb. 1, 2018,  following the annual Building Creative Communities Conference, where I met many of you. Upon satisfactory assessment, the participant will be granted the Certification of Story Bridge Facilitator.


Joining me to co-facilitate the workshop will be Dr. Qinghong Wei, trans-disciplinary scholar and practitioner of community development through arts; Vanda Rice, co-founder of Monkey Dumplins and Harmony in the Hills, two phenomenal programs using the Story Bridge method that are transforming her Kentucky region; and Anne Stadler, internationally experienced and widely acclaimed social process activist.

For 25 years, Story Bridge has created generative social space, grown the relationship economy, and brought new life to change work across cultures.

In this training, you’ll acquire the skills to motivate a group with story and art, and move it through the process of change planning and implementation. Subjects covered at the 4-day training will include:

  • Story Bridge Process – the Art, Science and System

  • From Community Art to Collective Empowerment

  • Story Performance without the “Experts” – the Monkey Dumplin’s Model

  • Integrating with Open Space Technology for Effective Change-Making

Total cost of the 4-day training is $500. Register here (Click on TICKETS, scroll down and select Post Conference B -Story Bridge Certificate Training). For more information about the conference, please visit:

Please contact for any questions. I sincerely look forward to seeing you in Colquitt.

Dr. Richard Geer

Co-Founder of the Story Bridge Method

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