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Georgia's Official Folklife Play

Initiated in 1992 as the first Story Bridge play, Swamp Gravy has thrived for a quarter-century in Colquitt, GA. The play has transformed Colquitt. Once an impoverished rural community, Colquitt has now been named one of the most extraordinary small towns in America for its successful community and economic revitalization through arts and culture.

Research has found profound effects of Swamp Gravy on the community. Compared to other 3 communities in Georgia and Florida, the research found residents in Colquitt had the highest degrees of social and psychological wellness, and the highest level of community engagement.

Swamp Gravy has performed at the Kennedy Center, been designated as Georgia's Offical Folklife Play, and was a featured event of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Every year a new play is put on stage at Cotton Hall of Colquitt. Come to experience the legendary play:

Listen to the recent NPR "Planet Money" episode featuring Swamp Gravy.

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