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The Intergen-erativity project

Multiage Story Performance to Convene Global Dialogue on Education and Health

In 2016, we partnered with the internationally acclaimed Intergenerational Schools in Cleveland, OH to create the Intergenerativity Project (TIP). For fifteen years in Cleveland, the Intergenerational School has been a transformative model of lifelong learning positively impacting costs and qualities associated with educating children and creating cognitively enriching experiences for learners of all ages, including persons with dementia. TIP utilized multiage storytelling across multiple platforms to convene a global conversation around education and health.

In May of 2016, three performances celebrated the winning of the Eisner Prize and fifteen years of educational excellence. Multi-media products (theater, visual arts, dance, video and photograph) further disseminated the messages of empowered intergenerational learning.


Intergenerational Schools Inernational

Spitz Foundation
Shigeo and Megumi Takayama Foundation
Eisner Foundation


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